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Bri LarsonBri Larson

Bri Larson

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Josh Larson

Hi, I'm Bri. And I'm Josh.

We started a business! It's a software-as-a-service product called Barkpass, and we're excited to tell you more about it.

The Barkpass homepage

What is Barkpass?

Barkpass is dog park management and pet licensing software. It's built with city governments in mind, but it can also cater to private companies (read: dog park breweries!).

We built Barkpass because we have a passion for dogs, and we have a passion for building good software products.

In the past, we redesigned AHeinz57's website because it also checked both boxes for us.

We hope you'll join us in reading this blog as we take you through the ups and downs of starting a new business and building a new product from the ground up.

But first: a little bit about us!

Meet Bri

Bri is a digital project manager at Strategic America, where she helps clients redesign, launch and maintain their website solutions and programs.

She volunteers for AHeinz57 by helping update their website and maintain their content and donations platform.

Her favorite activity is going for walks with her dogs Sonny and Luna, and hosting her other golden retriever children Tucker and Finnegan.

Meet Josh

Josh is a lead software engineer at Vox Media, where he builds scalable revenue products with a wonderful team.

In the past, he's helped launch hundreds of websites at Happy Medium and products like Happy Boards.

On the side, he is a co-organizer of the local Des Moines Web Geeks user group and the treasurer of the Waukee Lions Club.

His favorite activity is playing tug of war with Sonny, snuggling with Luna, scratching Tucker's belly, and throwing the ball to Finnegan.

Ready to dive in? Read our first in-depth post: How Barkpass came to be.