BlogBarkpass Updates: October 2022

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Hi there! We have added a bunch of new features to Barkpass in the past couple months.

Read on to learn about:

Maximum pets

You can now limit the number of pets for which a user may purchase a pass. For example, you might want to prevent a user from licensing more than three pets.

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Learn more about maximum pets.

New price condition: Additional Pets

It's now possible to create a Price Level that is targeted to additional pets.

For example, you might require a user to pay full price for the first pet, but offer additional pets a discount.

Learn more about the Additional Pet price condition.

Coupons and discounts

It's now possible to offer a discount to buyers in Barkpass.

You can create discounts directly in your Stripe dashboard or by visiting the Coupons page in your Organization Settings. You can limit discounts to specific products, customers, number of redemptions, duration, and more.

Buyers will have the opportunity to enter a coupon code during checkout.

Learn more about creating coupons and discounts in Barkpass.

Required passes

One common request from Barkpass users is to be able to sell multiple different passes, but require than one pass be purchased as a prerequisite for purchasing another.

One example of this is a city that offers a dog park pass, but requires residents to have purchased a pet license first.

Barkpass now supports this behavior with a feature we called Required Passes. You can define required passes for your pass in the settings section under Required Passes. Optionally, you can restrict the requirement to residents of your city only, which allows non-residents to still purchase things like dog park passes.

Learn more about required passes.

Multiple one-time purchases

Barkpass has always supported day pass purchases, which are an anonymous way to collect payment from visitors to dog parks. Day passes don't require detailed information and operate mainly on the honors system.

However, your organization may want to collect pet data and vaccination documents for day pass visitors.

To support this behavior, Barkpass allows you to enable one-time passes to be purchased multiple times. By default, one-time passes can only be purchased once per pet.

You now have the option of creating one-time passes with a specific duration rather than a valid start and end date. This means you can create day passes, month passes, or year passes — whatever duration your organization requires. And users can purchase additional passes once their duration has elapsed.

Learn more about multiple one-time purchases.

Improved imports

We've been working on improving our data import experience, including fixing a number of bugs and allowing you to wipe your organization's data in case you'd like to retry an import. You can also download an import's CSV and cancel and in-progress import.

You can now import transactions, allowing you to view historical revenue for imported passes and users.

Learn more about imports.

Domain changes

When you sign up for Barkpass, you are assigned a domain at This domain was based on your organization name, and it could not be changed without contacting support.

You are now able to change your domain one time to something new. This is useful if you want to choose a shorter or more concise domain name for buyers to use when purchasing passes.

Learn more about changing your domain name.

That's it for this month's updates. We're planning to add a bunch of new features, including bundling support for related passes, schedule pass archive and publish events, and more.

As always, let us know if we can improve Barkpass for your needs at