BlogBarkpass Updates: August 2022

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Bri Larson

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Josh Larson

Here's a recap of what we've added to Barkpass since our last update in May:

Ability to modify existing recurring memberships

We added a ton of functionality for administrators to be able to modify an existing recurring membership. If you sell a pass on Barkpass which bills customers on a recurring basis, this means you now have the ability to change the prices of existing pets, add new pets to the membership, or remove pets from the membership.


Learn more about modifying existing memberships

Improving the user experience of applications

We got really important feedback that the customer experience of filling out an application on Barkpass was confusing, because we collect user information after allowing the customer to select a price.

Depending on how you set your price levels, this means that customers were potentially being assigned a "Non-Resident" price when they actually could have been eligible for a "Resident" price had they used up-to-date address information.

We have resolved this by adding a new step to the application process. It's called Your Information, and we placed it after Your Pets but before Prices. This step collects user information including address, phone number, and any custom fields you have defined to collect for users.


This means that, by the time the user reaches the Prices page, their list of available prices should match their address information.

Please keep giving us any feedback like this which can help us improve Barkpass!

Issue replacement tags

Sometimes, customers lose the tags you've issued them, and you need to issue them another tag. It might be important to keep this information updated in Barkpass as well, so the pet can be identified using the new tag number.

You can now issue replacement tags as an administrator by clicking on the icon next to the Edit button in the list of tags for a pet or for an application.


Learn more about issuing replacement tags

Improvements to Messages

We've improved the way Messages are sent under the hood. This means the user interface should respond much more quickly when you click "Send."

We've also added delivery metrics to sent Messages. You can view the total number of messages delivered, total number of messages that were opened, total number of messages that were clicked, and total number of messages that bounced.

Note: These metrics will only appear for Messages sent after this week, and the metrics only span the most recent 45 days.

We hope to add even more detailed metrics in the future!